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Lazuli Training

Our style makes the difference.

Lazuli  Training, a division of Lazuli Communications (Pty) Ltd, concentrates in enhancing and developing the skills which equip today’s professionals to face tomorrow confidently.

All course designs are benchmarked against methodology best practice.

The Training Team
Our training division is peopled with subject experts to ensure that our training programmes equip attendees with skills for immediate performance-enhancement.

Faculty of courses
Lazuli specialises in leadership training for executives and secretarial/admin courses for those who support the executives.

Certificates and assessments
Successful completion of our training programmes qualify attendees for Certificates of Attendance or Certificates of Competence depending on whether evaluation is built-in.

Our training programmes  have formative or summative assessments, depending on the course.

* Formative assessments mean that during the course questionnaires or assignment will be used to assess attendees grasp of the modules they are learning. Successful results qualify attendees for a Certificate of Attendance.
* Summative Assessments are exam-like and successful results lead attendees to receive a Certificate of Competence. Summative assessments are not compulsory.

Courses administrator  and academic director
Ana-Maria Valente
B A Hons cum laude (Wits); H.Dip. Ed (Wits)
Taught at high school, at Wits University and headed Kelly-Greenoaks Private College.
Regarding Leadership expertise: Ana-Maria has experience in course and  programme design, having been the pioneer of CEO Summits in South Africa, followed by COO, CFO, Chairmen and HR Directors Summits.
She co-founded and plays a leading role in the Boss of the Year Leadership Award and Leadership Club.
​Ana-Maria has edited several publications in leadership and spear-headed the compilation of the world's first Leadership Best Practice publication.

Regarding Secretarial:  Ana-Maria was instrumental in the secretarial industry sector at Services SETA when it launched 20 + years ago. Furthermore, Ana-Maria has been instrumental in pioneering publications for the secretarial profession in South Africa—from CareerSuccess magazine (launched 30 years ago) to the world's first Blueprint for the Profession. She is also a founding member of PAFSA,  the professional association for the secretarial industry; and South Africa's PA of the Year Award.