We have a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing smart, sensible, editing, design and printing solutions. ​
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Events and Awards

Both ​​our large-audience summits as well as our national awards rank among the best in design, content and diligence.
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Editing. Publishing. Training

Working with your horizons in mind!

30 years experience at your service!

Our products and services are designed with your horizons in mind. 
Lazuli’s two operating divisions are geared to deliver what you need in terms of your professional brand: 

Our training division offers you singular products for professional development.
Our publishing division offers you the full gamut of services from writing, editing to printing.

Having taken over the team from Dictum Publishers, Lazuli offers you a history of hardworking professionals with a sturdy and measurable reputation for innovative thinking, reliability and committed to exceed client expectations.

Knowledge-based Training

We specialise in leadership programmes and secretarial development courses. Effective leaders need efficient support.​ 
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Experienced Publishers

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